Noah's Ark is an independent playgroup that runs within the strandtown baptist church building

Noah’s Ark Playgroup aims to provide children with a secure, stimulating, healthy and above all, happy environment within which they have ample opportunities to learn through play. We recognize and value childhood as being an important stage of life and encourage each child to progress at their own individual pace.

Noah’s Ark Playgroup was started over 20 years ago in a parents house in Holywood. This was to facilitate the needs of young children that were in the church at that time. It continued there for a few years until CFC Church was established at Strandtown. The Playgroup was then opened at the church until June 2008 when they moved to Strandtown Baptist Church. The Playgroup is not just for children in the church but also for all children in the local area. 

Noah’s Ark Playgroup is registered and inspected to meet standards set by South & East Belfast Health and Social Care Trust.


Playgroup Leader: Mrs Pearl Greer
Phone: 07766 740375


  • AM Class 8.50am - 12.50am (Mon - Fri)

Cost: £13.00 per session