We are committed to world mission

Strandtown is committed to express its interest and concern for the Church worldwide, and to encourage and be involved in the spread of the Good News of the  Kingdom of God to every nation.



Short term mission is a great way to get a flavour of what God is doing in the world, and to experience something of the global Church. Being involved in short term mission trips will often be eye-opening and transformative experiences, as we grasp a bigger picture of God at work in different cultures, people groups and team environments.

If you are thinking about or planning to be involved in a short term mission project, please talk to the ACTS Team before applying via the link below.

As a church we want to partner with and encourage you as you serve God on your short term mission project whether it is a two week Scripture Union team in Northern Ireland or a two month mission trip to South Africa. This primarily involves being able to pray effectively for you, and may also involve providing you with financial support. You will also be assigned a ‘carer’ who will be a point of contact before, during and after your trip.



As a Church family we provide a number of forms of support for those from Strandtown who are currently giving over their lives to work in a full time ministry and mission role. This support includes:

  • Circulating prayer points in our monthly 'Praying for Mission' leaflet

  • Financial support

  • A monthly mission partners prayer slot in our Sunday services

  • Ongoing pastoral support and care

We want to help prepare, send and care for our Mission Partners. If you are considering a full time ministry role we would love to talk to you (not just when you have already decided you are going!). We would like to help you explore God’s will for your life and partner with you on your journey. Contact any of the ACTS Team members for more information on how we can help.

If you would like an up to date copy of our short and long term missions please pick up a copy in the church foyer.

More about world Mission...

Mission is promted in Strandtown by the ACTS Team. 'ACTS' stands for:

  • Awareness: To develop an awareness of mission among church members.

  • Commitment: To develop our commitment to mission on an individual and corporate basis.

  • Transfer: To develop the transfer of human resources.

  • Sacrifice: To develop and encourage the sacrifice of time and financial resources

We have identified five streams of mission which we support through various agencies:

  1. Unreached People Groups & Evangelism

  2. Persecuted Church

  3. Social Justice

  4. Bible Translation

  5. Training of Pastors & Church Leaders